The 3 Most Amazing Uses of Rose Quartz

Looking to open your heart? Or maybe just your heart chakra? Rose quartz may be the stone for you. Whether you wish to wear it as jewelry for everyday spiritual enhancement, or to use it as a powerful accessory during energy body work like Reiki, rose quartz can help to enhance several aspects of your life, but it will especially work towards helping you build those ineffable bonds that you make with the important people in your life—including yourself.

Rose quartz is associated with love—every kind of love—including romantic feelings, platonic friendship, the unconditional love of a mother towards a child, and even love of the self, the most important and central base to all the other kinds of love.

Let's take a look at a few of the best uses for this sacred mineral:


1) Enhancing our bonds and attracting new relationships.

Wearing rose quartz near your heart, perhaps as a necklace or other similar jewelry, can help keep the energy in your heart chakra flowing freely. A blocked heart chakra can result in broken relationships and a lack of compassion, so it's important to find ways to keep this energy center healthy, and using a powerful mineral like rose quartz is one of the easier ways.

Over time, it can allow you to become more open, subconsciously accepting the love that others give to you, even if it may come from unexpected sources. People who are more into the ritualistic side of things may occasionally cast love spells using this stone, though simply holding it close will activate your heart chakra and help it begin to attract love.

If you're looking for a new relationship or to repair one that seems to be on a downward spiral, you may want to reach for this stone.


2) Helping to make change smoother.

Sometimes we're resistant to change because we don't feel loved by the universe, because we feel a sense of loss as the norm of our old lives fade away to unravel the new. In a lot of ways, this is the root of a “broken heart.” It can happen particularly during times of change and transformation, such as during the break up of a long-term romantic relationship or after a death in ones family. It can be difficult to find your center when the winds of life seem to be tossing you around.

Rose quartz, carried close to your body, can help you to feel alignment again, to feel that sturdy feeling in your chest that everything is going to be all right. What that feeling of confidence is, at its core, is the feeling of self-love manifested as self-assurance. Rose quartz can help bring calmness to your life and help you get over the stress of change, which is good for your physical body as well as your spiritual one.


3) Increasing a sense of self-worth.

A diminished ability to love and get along with others is often just a superficial symptom of an inability to love ourselves. If you find that your relationships are constantly in trouble, that they are tumultuous and filled with drama, especially in the romantic realm, it could very well be that you do not love or appreciate yourself enough. Do you engage in negative self-talk? Do you look down on yourself for what you were unable to accomplish, and hold your love for yourself hostage to certain external requirements? Everyone deserves love. Everyone. And the only healthy way to love yourself is to do it unconditionally.

Wear the rose quartz not only as a visual reminder and symbol of this love, but as an energetic hub that will direct the unconditional loving source energy of the universe into your astral body as you go about your day, healing you of the things that make you feel inadequate. Over time, this mineral may help you attain that elusive feeling that “I am okay just as I am,” which is ultimately, deep in your unconscious mind, all that you are seeking anyway.

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