Styling Cloud & Lolly with Emily of Sparkles, Lace & Sequins.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Emily, who shares her love of fashion and style on her Sparkles, Lace and Sequins blog and on Instagram. She loves finding and sharing inspiration on social media and is easily distracted by pretty things of all kinds, especially great bags, fantastic shoes, and classic clothes, and of course, jewelry. Enjoy her post below and styled photos. ~ Cheryl

Enter Cloud & Lolly, the jewelry design company of local artisan Cheryl Currie.
I have admired Cheryl’s pieces for years as I strolled the downtown Edmonton Farmers Market and enjoyed seeing what new designs she came up with. Cheryl’s pieces are unique, slightly edgy, and made of the most beautiful metals with semi-precious stones and vintage elements that I absolutely love. In Cheryl’s own words: “I strive to create unique and innovative designs. My jewelry encourages strength, confidence and a sense of adventure in its wearer.” I definitely have to agree.

Among my favourite pieces are the Rhombus Spike Necklace and the Chunky Chain Bracelet. I have been searching for ages for the perfect long pendant to wear with dresses, sweaters, tunics – you name it. I have a few (ok, more than a few) at home, but none of them have seemed right, so I keep searching for a new one. But this necklace was perfect the second I tried it on – the right shade of gold, the exact length I was looking for, and with eye-catching detail. As you can see on Instagram, I have been wearing it a lot and I have no plans to stop anytime soon.

I also love the Chunky Chain Bracelet, which has the most beautiful and intricate design. This bracelet is light and easy to wear and looks gorgeous on its own or as part of an arm party (and you know I love a good arm party). The design stood out to me right away and it is definitely becoming a favourite.

Although I’m a fan of statement necklaces, I tend to keep my earrings a bit more simple, and Cloud & Lolly’s studs are the perfect style for me. The Pyrite Stud Earrings are the epitome of minimalistic style. Similarly, the  Brass Triangle Studs are a big favourite of mine. Much like my struggle to find the perfect long pendant, I have collected various types of gold and brass coloured studs at home, all in an effort to find a perfect pair of simple earrings to wear with my gold jewelry (usually without much luck). I love these ones because they are understated and different at the same time and I nearly forget I am wearing them, they are that light and comfortable. Simply elegant, they look great with everything.

A few of my top picks (some of which I have and some of which are on my wish list) include:

Rhombus Spike Necklace
Gemstone Bullet Necklace
Wild & Free Key Necklace
Chunky Chain Bracelet
Hexagon Charm Bracelet
Stardust Ring
Brass Triangle Studs
Stamped Triangle Earrings

Enjoy the pretty things in life,

Emily   xo

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