Our surprise grab bags are going to be a 'thing'.

Our surprise grab bags are going to be a 'thing'.

I hope everyone is hanging in there and getting through this thing called, life!

Hand, surface (and steering wheel, and keys, and keyboard/mouse etc.) sanitizing rituals have become a part of my daily life with this Covid-19 thing. To be honest, not a ton has changed amid the pandemic - I mean, as a work-from-home-introvert-dog-mom, avoiding crowds and events is my jam. I do REALLY miss sushi dates with friends and family gatherings, though I do plan on a few small visits to my parents' farm to sit around the fire pit.

My schedule looks a bit like this; wake up (8:00am-9:00am) Feed Jasper, make a coffee. Pop outside to walk Jasper (potty time). Make breakfast. Log in and check online orders. Make pieces for orders and pack. Playtime with Jasper or another walk. Make lunch. Then my afternoon can consist of either; running errands, grocery shopping, drop off or pickup of Jasper at doggy daycare, mailing out orders, answering emails, ordering supplies, designing new pieces, doing graphic design for the website & social channels, restocking/visiting retailers or meal planning. Evenings can be a mixed bag! I REALLY enjoy cooking, so meal prep and cooking can take around an hour. I highly recommend SkinnyTaste on Facebook for handy videos, delicious recipes and inspiration. Then comes movie time/reading/listening to music and walking the dog too.

My brain is always cooking up different ideas, and the surprise grab bag was one of them. The April earring one was such a huge success , that I'm going to make it a monthly thing. The May one is now available!

ALSO, good news - myself and my sister's biz, Mad Love Jewelry, are permitted back at the Edmonton Downtown Farmers Market (10305 - 97 Street) Our booth will be on the main floor to your right as you walk in the main doors. (check out our 'wall of earrings' where you can grab 2 pairs for $40)

Sending love and light,

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