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DIY Geometric Industrial Wall Jewelry Organizer

I really can't get enough of the awesome & unique ways to organize jewelry out there! Shops near me, HomeSense, Winners and the like, all have such limited choices for getting your necklaces & pretties on display. Enter Pinterest. I discovered a wonderfully photographed & outlined project by Made in a Day, that's easy to put together. It won't break the bank and won't take up much wall real estate either! Photos are from Made in a Day blog and the full project can be viewed here:DIY Geometric Industrial Wall Jewelry Organizer Happy crafting! ~Cheryl

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Is your jewelry a hot mess? I've got you covered!

You would think that as an owner of a jewelry business, my collection of personal jewelry would be perrrrfectly organized and in it's place. Not. The. Case. If I want to wear a certain necklace, I have to untangle it from 6 more. My rings are in various spots, in small to large groups. It's all a HOT MESS. Enter Pinterest! I've gathered some awesome a creative ideas to get your jewelry in order. Lots of DIY if you want to make your very own. Go check it out!

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