The *Goods*

Styling Cloud & Lolly with Emily of Sparkles, Lace & Sequins.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Emily, who shares her love of fashion and style on her Sparkles, Lace and Sequins blog and on Instagram. She loves finding and sharing inspiration on social media and is easily distracted by pretty things of all kinds, especially great bags, fantastic shoes, and classic clothes, and of course, jewelry. Enjoy her post below and styled photos. ~ Cheryl Enter Cloud & Lolly, the jewelry design company of local artisan Cheryl Currie. I have admired Cheryl’s pieces for years as I strolled the downtown Edmonton Farmers Market and enjoyed seeing what new...

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The 3 Most Amazing Uses of Rose Quartz

Looking to open your heart? Or maybe just your heart chakra? Rose quartz may be the stone for you. Whether you wish to wear it as jewelry for everyday spiritual enhancement, or to use it as a powerful accessory during energy body work like Reiki, rose quartz can help to enhance several aspects of your life, but it will especially work towards helping you build those ineffable bonds that you make with the important people in your life—including yourself. Rose quartz is associated with love—every kind of love—including romantic feelings, platonic friendship, the unconditional love of a mother towards a...

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Is your jewelry a hot mess? I've got you covered!

You would think that as an owner of a jewelry business, my collection of personal jewelry would be perrrrfectly organized and in it's place. Not. The. Case. If I want to wear a certain necklace, I have to untangle it from 6 more. My rings are in various spots, in small to large groups. It's all a HOT MESS. Enter Pinterest! I've gathered some awesome a creative ideas to get your jewelry in order. Lots of DIY if you want to make your very own. Go check it out!

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Barbie is Looking a Little Less Plastic These Days!

"Faced with changes in beauty ideals, shifting demographics and ongoing criticism of Barbie’s impossible proportions, Mattel decided to remake the iconic blonde. The new body shapes follow the addition of new skin tones and hair textures in 2015." - Time Magazine   Barbie has for decades been a favorite amongst preteen girls, and occasionally a source of annoyance for concerned mothers. If the disproportionately long legs and unrealistic waistline didn't perturb you, then her pale skin and decidedly blond aesthetic surely may have left you hankering for something a little more realistic and diverse. After all, there are many different...

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