Stardust Ring - Aurora Lux Jewellery
Stardust Ring - Aurora Lux Jewellery

Stardust Ring


Gorgeous crushed Pyrite gemstones set onto a raw brass adjustable ring band. Simple, yet chunky, this unique ring is sure to stand out!

I've crushed cubes of Pyrite by hand into small chunks and beautiful Pyrite dust, then permanently set onto the ring. So comfortable and lightweight, easily an everyday ring.

***More about Pyrite:
Pyrite gets its name from the Greek word puritēs, which means “of fire” or “in fire.” Pyrite was popular in Roman times as a source for sparks when struck with steel. Later in 1500 - 1600 AD this ability was used as a source for ignition in most firearms.

Our model Kim is wearing this ring in the last photo.