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Talisman Token Necklace

Talisman Token Necklace

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Cute enamel token style charm necklace.

These little talismans (about the size of a dime) represent the following;

BEE; Throughout the modern & ancient world the bee is a symbol of wisdom, birth and rebirth & industry

MOON; The Moon is the perfect companion for anyone who’s going through big changes in life, as it’s a beautiful reminder to focus on the essential. The Moon is a strong yet gentle grounding force that keeps you centered during precarious times.

LIGHTNING BOLT; The Lightning Bolt is perfect for anyone who strives to be a strong and powerful presence, unafraid to embrace their full self. The Lightning Bolt is also meant for seekers of knowledge - people who love to learn about themselves, the world around them, and the relationship between the two.

NORTH STAR; Unlike all other stars in the sky, Polaris always points to the North and is helpful in determining direction. Over time, this has helped it to gain symbolic meanings such as guidance, hope, luck, freedom, constancy, and even life's purpose.

Choose one.

Length is 18”

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