Turquoise Howlite Gemstone Bar Necklace


This is sure to become your go-to necklace for everyday wear. A stunning Turquoise Howlite pendant necklace. A gorgeous hexagon pendant dangles from an 18" vintage brass necklace. Great for layering, and looks lovely worn alone as well!


• Necklace chain is unplated vintage brass, 18" long
• Pendants are 1" wide


Howlite is said to balance calcium levels and strengthen the bones and teeth. It is also thought to be a calming stone that can relieve insomnia, therefore, some insomniacs place a piece of howlite beneath their pillow to encourage restful sleep. In traditional Hindu belief systems, howlite is considered to benefit the third eye chakra, and when placed on this chakra, between the brows, it is thought to open up memories of previous lives. Howlite is a non-traditional stone for those born under the zodiacal sign of Gemini. Additionally, howlite is believed to eliminate anger and absorb negative energy.

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