Zodiac Constellation Necklace


This hand-stamped, half circle, oxidized constellation necklace will remind you that you are made divinely from stardust! It's hung on a 16" antiqued bronze satellite chain, these constellation necklaces are the perfect gift for any zodiac lover or starry eyed goddess. Whether this is your sign or that of a loved one, stay subtly connected to best qualities of your sign. (need a different length? just say at checkout)

ARIES - courageous, honest, impulsive, kinda bitchy
TAURUS - sensible, determined, patient, stubborn asshole
GEMINI - curious, imaginative, social, moody psycho
CANCER - intuitive, sympathetic, loyal, emotional train wreck
LEO - proud, warmhearted, ambitious, attention whore
VIRGO - practical, reliable, meticulous, insanely neurotic
LIBRA - diplomatic, charming, indulgent, annoyingly indecisive
SCORPIO - motivated, loyal, independent, jealous bitch
SAGITTARIUS - optimistic, straightforward, confident, total loudmouth
CAPRICORN - ambitious, independent, competitive, bossy know-it-all
AQUARIUS - honest, eccentric, friendly, kind of a weirdo
PISCES - empathetic, kind, imaginative, emotional basket case

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